About us

The brand EMERU has agglutinated since 2013 a group of companies dedicated to medical transport in all its aspects.

Emeru was born as a symbol of the common values that we represent and which are part of the company's culture from its beginnings and are also the foundation for the development of our project in the future.

Providing quality services, being patient-oriented and being efficient are common qualities of the companies in this group of medical transport, in any region where they offer their services.

Our clients are national and local public health administrations such as general insurers and health insurers, hospitals and companies.

We operate in Spain and in England. Our aim is to become a preferred provider of reference in each place where we provide our services.

Mission, Vision, Values

The spirit of generosity and dedication is part of the culture of our companies.

We operate rationally and humanly. We remain faithful to our reason of being, which is to add value to society through a welfare service of high quality, loyal to our principles and for the common good.


Adding value to society through a quality service


Being the leader company for European medical transport




Achieve excellence in all areas of service.



Do the job with maximum efficiency to achieve the expected result.



Assume our deeds to earn people's trust.



Provide the best for people and the environment, now and for the future.


Emeru offers a large variety of specialized services:

  • Urgent medical transport
  • Non urgent
  • Specialized medical transportation for dialysis patients
  • Transport for bariatric patient
  • Adapted transport
  • Preventive Services
  • Education in emergencies
  • Programs focused on cardiac patients
In Emeru we feel part of the chain of the patient’s health care and we are committed to providing a quality service fulfilling the highest standards in each country or region.
  • Patient-oriented
  • Professional
  • Punctual and efficient service
  • Latest technology
  • Highly qualified staff
  • Vocation for service
  • Your partner in health mobility

The Corporate Social Responsibility is something that Emeru takes very seriously. We contribute actively and voluntarily to social, economic and environmental development of our environment. We do it by understanding our management from the point of view of the impact that our activities and services generate on our customers, employees, shareholders, the environment and the society in general.

That is way we support initiatives of non-profit organizations and projects that are based on the initiative of our own employees.

Emeru companies develop all activities under the criteria of sustainability and respect for the environment. We believe that the environment is a common good that we must preserve and protect.